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With over a decade of nursing experience ranging from cardiac care to IV infusion services, Weiser Nurse Consulting has the knowledge and skills to assist attorneys in legal cases. Using the nursing process, Weiser Nurse Consulting can delve into medical records to obtain the necessary and important information needed to strengthen the legal case. With experience as a Nurse Manager, founder of Weiser Nurse Consulting, Ellie Weiser has the skills necessary to manage your cases for you efficiently and effectively while using her nursing expertise to dig through the medical records so that you don’t have to!

Weiser Nurse Consulting does the hard work so that you can focus on winning the case for your client!

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Merit Review

We screen cases for merit so that you have all of the information before taking on a case.

  • We use our knowledge and expertise to quickly identify if the case has legal recourse.

  • We can also assist in identifying gaps and missing records.

Reviewing CVs

Chronologies & Timelines

We sort through the records and organize the important medical information in chronological order so that you can access the information quickly during litigation or settlement.

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Fact Summary Report

Sorting through thousands of pages of medical records is what we excel at! We know what medical information is important to your case and we can pull it out quickly, and easily compile it into a simplified document that you and your team can understand.

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Literature Review

We can review and gather literature to help strengthen your case. We have access to the most relevant and up-to-date medical reserach to support your legal case.

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Expert Witness

We can locate and find expert witnesses for trial.


Trial Preparation

We assist with preparation for trials.

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Areas of Expertise

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Personal Injury

Hospital Bed

Medical Malpractice

Medical Prescription

Medical & Prescription Products Liability

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Motor Vehicle Injury

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Work-Related Injuries

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Wrongful Death

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Insurance Law


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"Ellie was quick and efficient. Just the time and money she saved me was invaluable. I sent her all of the medical records and she turned it in to something easy to read that I could use for trial. I will be using Ellie for all my cases involving medical records moving forward!"

- A.K., ESQ.

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